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Cake Filling And Flavors

Our cakes come in different fillings and flavors, have a look at our options now. We have a variety of classic and premium flavors to choose from.

Make sure to check our Menu & Pricing page as well for more information.

Classic Cake Flavors


Traditional white Cake made with premium vanilla beans


Decadent chocolate flavor made with special dark Cocoa


Traditional vanilla cake with colorful sugar confetti sprinkles


Premium Cake flavors 


Traditional wedding cake flavor made with vanilla and almond


Tropical coconut cake made with coconut cream and flaked coconut


A rich, dense Traditional spice cake with fresh carrots

Red Velvet

Deep red moist cake lightly flavored with cocoa


Light and fresh cake made with fresh lemon juice and lemon zest


Traditional white cake spiked with those yummy fall spices


Specialty Cake flavors 

Turtle Cake

Decadent chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate ganache, sprinkled with hazelnuts, salted caramel sauce and fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting.

Cookie Butter Cake

Traditional vanilla cake layered with cookie butter buttercream and chocolate cookie  pieces.

S’mores Cake

Decadent chocolate cake layered with fresh marshmallow frosting, crushed gram crackers, and chocolate ganache.

Pina Colada

Tropical coconut cake filled with fresh pineapple compote and coconut buttercream

Churro Cake

Vanilla cinnamon and sugar infused cake layers, sandwiched between dulce de leche filling, salted Caramel sauce and topped with dulce de leche buttercream and fresh churros.

Strawberry Crunch Cake

Layers of vanilla and strawberry cake, vanilla buttercream, fresh strawberries and a strawberry crunch topping.


Buttercreams & fillings

Signature Vanilla Buttercream 

Fluffy buttercream made with real vanilla beans and whipped silky smooth

Chocolate Buttercream

Silky smooth vanilla buttercream flavored with chocolate

Peanut butter 

Smooth and fluffy, pairs great with chocolate cake



Chocolate and hazelnut flavors whipped up into a dream 

Cookies and Cream

Crushed Oreo pieces folded into vanilla buttercream

Cookie butter

Delicious cookie butter whipped up to perfection

Dulce De Leche

Sweet and mellow toffy like flavor

Salted Caramel

A combination of sweet and salty to exhilarate your taste buds

Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

Your favorite fall spices whipped up into pumpkin spice heaven


All natural 100% maple syrup, pairs great with spice cake


Fresh summer flavor, pairs great with lemon cake


Take a tropical staycation with this silky buttercream


Real raspberries whipped up into fluffy clouds 

Passion Fruit

Sweet and silky tropical delight for your taste buds

Cream Cheese

Light and Tangy

Classic Fudge Icing

A perfect cross between decadent chocolate ganache and buttercream


Compotes &Jams






Triple Berry


Citrus Curds




Passion Fruit



Chocolate ganache

A rich blend of chocolate and cream

Your choice of white, chocolate, or dark chocolate.

Ganache is used underneath all fondant cakes. 


Cakes & Desserts in Orlando, FL

Didn't Find What You Want?

If you're looking for something custom, our order inquiry form is the best way to get started. We'll work with you to make sure your order is done exactly the way you want it. Whether you need a wedding cake, a birthday cake, or something customized for your corporate team, we're here to help. So submit our order inquiry form today and let us get started on your custom order.

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