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Gifting Options

Have a look at our gifting options below and don't hesitate to place your order.

Gifting Options

Signature favorites

1.       Specialty Cupcakes $40.00/dozen

2.       Sheet Cakes: two layered filled

Quarter sheet:$75.00(Serves 29)

Half sheet: $140.00 (Serves 58)

3.       Chocolate covered Oreo’s $35.00/dozen

4.       Rice Krispy treats (One dozen/flavor)Traditional, Smores, Cookies and Cream$35.00

5.       Fresh Baked Cookies (One dozen/flavor) ChocolateChip, Sugar, M&M, Reese’s Pieces $30.00

6.       Brownies $35.00/dozen

7.       Brookies $37.00/dozen

Gifting platters

  • Cookie Trio: One dozen Chocolate Chip, One Dozen Sugar, One dozen M&M $90.00

  • Brookies & Brownie Sampler: One dozen Brookies, Once dozen Brownies $80.00

  • Variety Sampler: One dozen of each item (total 3 dozen)

  • Chocolate covered Oreos, Choice of Rice Krispie treats, Choice of Cookie. $100.00

  • Individual packing $10.00 & up/dozen

  • Custom Branding available as edible image/sticker applied to your packaging starting at $2.00/gift

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